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EAMC 2012

27-29 June 2012, Vi­enna, Aus­tria

We thank all par­ti­cipants of the con­fer­ence for the ex­cel­lent con­tri­bu­tions mak­ing our con­fer­ence a suc­cess. Please find on this webpage in­form­a­tion as well as ma­ter­ial presen­ted at the con­fer­ence.

The In­sti­tut für Strategis­che Kapit­al­markt­forschung (ISK) at the Wirtschaft­suni­versität Wien presen­ted a unique and in­nov­at­ive con­fer­ence de­voted to the fron­ti­ers of re­search and prac­tice for en­dow­ment man­age­ment. Gen­er­ously fun­ded by the POK Privat­s­tif­tung and Barclays and co-or­gan­ized with Cam­bridge Uni­versity, the con­fer­ence took place at one of the most sig­ni­fic­ant cul­tural monu­ments in Vi­enna, the Pal­ais Coburg. The pur­pose of the con­fer­ence was to bring to­gether lead­ing aca­demic re­search­ers and renowned prac­ti­tion­ers to dis­cuss top­ical re­search and to shape the fu­ture of ap­plied in­vest­ment re­search for en­dow­ments and long term in­vestors such as sov­er­eign wealth funds.

The con­fer­ence fea­tured a mix of in­vited talks, panel dis­cus­sions and case stud­ies all per­tin­ent to the field of en­dow­ment man­age­ment. In ad­di­tion spe­cial events took place in­clud­ing a per­form­ance of the Vi­enna Boys Choir, and a gala din­ner in the ce­re­mo­nial rooms of the Pal­ais Coburg, as shown world­wide on the tele­cast of the New Years Day con­cert by the Vi­enna Phil­har­monic.

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