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Dr. Anita Zednik

Pro­fes­sional Ex­per­i­ence
Since Sept 2016Assist­ant Pro­fessor (post doc), WU (Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness), In­sti­tute for Mar­kets and Strategy
2012 – 2014As­so­ci­ate Re­searcher at the Macquarie Uni­versity, De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics
2011 - 2013
Senior Re­search Assist­ant at the Centre for the Study of Choice, Uni­versity of Tech­no­logy, Sydney
2006 - 2007 2008 - 2012Senior Re­search Assist­ant at Macquarie Uni­versity, De­part­ment of Eco­nom­ics
2005 - 2006 Strategist atIma­gin­a­tion Aus­tralia
2004 - 2008Busi­ness and Policy Con­sult­ing
2009 - 2014 PhD in Eco­nom­ics, Macquarie Uni­versity, Sydney
Su­per­visors: David Throsby (Macquarie Uni­versity),
Ric­cardo Scarpa (Waikato Uni­versity)
2004 – 2005
2007 - 2004
MSc (Dipl.Ing.) in En­vir­on­ment and Bio-Re­sources Man­age­ment, Uni­versity of Nat­ural Re­sources and Life Sciences, Vi­enna
1998 - 2004MA (Mag.) in Busi­ness Ad­min­is­tra­tion, Vi­enna
Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness
Re­search Top­ics

Ap­plied Mi­croe­co­nom­ics, Ex­per­i­mental Eco­nom­ics, Cul­tural

Eco­nom­ics, Con­sumer Be­ha­vior, Dis­crete Choice Mod­els

Throsby David, An­ita Zed­nik (2014), 'The eco­nomic and cul­tural value of paint­ings: some em­pir­ical evid­ence', in V.A. Gins­burgh and D Throsby (eds.), Hand­book of the Eco­nom­ics of Art and Cul­ture, Volume 2, El­sevier, p. 81-100.
Throsby, David, An­ita Zed­nik (2012), ‘Min­imum in­come re­quire­ments of cre­at­ive artists: some em­pir­ical res­ults’, in: Borges, Vera and Costa, Pedro (eds.), Cri­ativid­ade e in­stituições : novos de­safios à vida dos artistas e dos profis­sion­ais da cul­tura, Lis­bon: Im­prensa de Ciências So­ci­ais, p.37-47
Throsby David, An­ita Zed­nik (2011), ‘Mul­tiple job-hold­ing and artistic ca­reers: some em­pir­ical evid­ence’, Cul­tural Trends, Vol 20: 1.
Throsby, David, An­ita Zed­nik (2010), ‘Do You Really Ex­pect To Get Paid? An eco­nomic study of pro­fes­sional artists in Aus­tralia’,
Aus­tralia Coun­cil, Sydney.
In­sti­tute for Mar­kets and Strategy
WU (Wirtschaft­suni­versität Wien)
Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness
Welthan­delsplatz 1, Build­ing D5
1020 Vi­enna
Room: Fourth Floor / D5.4.048
Phone: +43 1 31336 6023
Email: an­ita.zed­
Of­fice hours: please in­quire by email
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