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Seminar Series 2017-2024

2024 Seminars

16 AprilYilong XuUtrecht University“Higher order risk preferences and economic decisions”
2 AprilHande Erkut (2)WZB“Repugnant transactions: The role of agency and severe consequences“
2 AprilLevent Neyse (1)WZB“Does Cognitive Reflection Relate to Preferences and Socio-Economic Outcomes?”
5 MarchBoris Maciejovsky University of CaliforniaToo much feedback? The effects of relative performance information on task performance and task persistence”
20 FebruaryPeter MartinssonUniversity of Gothenburg“The Impact of Suggested Donation and Social Information on Voluntary Donations: Evidence from a Field Experiment”
23 January (2)Marie Claire VillevalGATE, CNRS – U Lyon“Selective Information Sharing and Group Delusion”
23 January (1)Michael HilwegU Mannheim“Why don’t you deduct to donate more? Behavioral factors undermining tax-incentives for deduction”
16 January (2)Daniele NosenzoU Aarhus“Social, Demographic, and Psychological Correlates of Lying Aversion”
16 January (1)Ryan WebbU Toronto“A Neuro-Autopilot Theory of Habit: Evidence from Canned Tuna”

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