Ausschnitt eines Glasdachs des LC Gebäude

Seminar series 2023

Future Seminars
June 6th, 2023Myrto PantaziU Libre de Bruxelles“Too much belief or too much disbelief? Seeking the answer in a complex digital world”
June 13th, 2023Arieda MucoU Libre de Bruxelles 
June 20th, 2023Zoe RahwanMPI Berlin 
Past Seminars
May 30th, 2023James Tremewan IESEG“Leadership and Cooperation in a Sequential Prisoners’ Dilemma”
May, 23rd MayAda KovaliukaiteU Vienna“An Experiment on Gender Representation in Majoritarian Bargaining”
May 16th, 2023Kateřina ChadimováCharles U“Timing, Deterrence & Simplicity in Repetitive Nudges”
May 10th, 2023Basit ZafarU Michigan“Assessing the Costs of Balancing College and Work Activities: The Gig Economy Meets Online Education”
May 9th, 2023Paolo CrosettoINRAE Grenoble“External validity of risk elicitation: a meta-analysis and a new design”
May 2nd, 2023Wolfgang LuhanU Portsmouth“Do as I Do: Paternalism and Preference Differences in Decision Making for Others”
April 25th, 2023Eva RanehillU Gothenburg“The Impact of Doctoral Studies on Mental Health Care Uptake”
April 18th, 2023Tibor NeugebauerU Luxemburg“Does Wash Trading Impact Information Dissemination in Security Markets?”
April 18th, 2023Stephanie HegerU Bologna“Eliciting Preferences for Risk and Altruism: Experimental Evidence”
April 11th, 2023Felix HolzmeisterU Innsbruck"Population, Sample, and Analytical Heterogeneity: Evidence and Implications"
March 28th, 2023Yan ChenU Michigan“Virtual Teams in a Gig Economy”
March 21st, 2023Florian EnglmaierLMU Munich“The Value of Leadership: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment”
March 14th, 2023Kathleen NgangouéUCLA“The Resolution of Uncertainty in Value and Probability Domains”
March 7th, 2023Lawrence ChooSouthwestern U Fin Econ“Information diffusion and aggregation over separated markets: An experiment”
January 24th, 2023Kiryl KhalmetskiU Bath“Altruistic punishment as norm-signaling”
January 17th, 2023Mackenzie AlstonU IllinoisZoom: “Does Black and Blue Matter? An Experimental Investigation of Race, Perceptions of Police, and Legal Compliance”
January 10th, 2023Wladislaw MillU Mannheim“LinkedOut? Measuring Discrimination in Job Network Formation”