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Seminar Series

Feb­ru­ary 13th, 2018Ondřej Krčál Mas­aryk Uni­versity
Janu­ary 23rd, 2018Christine Grimm WU Vi­enna
Janu­ary 16th, 2018Mari­anne Stephan­idesWU Vi­enna“Com­mu­nic­a­tion and help­ing be­ha­vior: An ex­per­i­mental study”
Janu­ary 9th, 2017Stephan Lehner WU Vi­enna"In­nov­at­ive pri­cing policies for urban traf­fic: a field ex­per­i­ment”
Decem­ber 12th, 2017Sara le Roux Ox­ford Brookes Busi­ness School"Cli­mate Change Cata­strophes and In­sur­ing De­cisions: A Study in the Pres­ence of Am­bi­gu­ity”
Decem­ber 5th, 2017An­n-Kath­rin KoesslerUni­versity Osnabrück"How to cre­ate com­mit­ment for pro-so­cial be­ha­vi­our?”
Novem­ber 28th, 2017Jana Fre­undtUni­versity of Ham­burg"Cor­rup­ted Votes and Rule Com­pli­ance"
Novem­ber 21st, 2017Paul Pez­an­is-­ChristouUni­versity of Adelaide"A na­ive ap­proach to bid­ding"
Novem­ber 15th, 2017Andrew OswaldUni­versity of War­wick "The Mid­life Crisis, Sui­cide, and So­cial and Eco­nomic Policy"
Oc­to­ber 24th, 2017Manuel SchwaningerUni­versity of Vi­enna“Con­di­tional Al­tru­ism in Bi­lat­eral Bar­gain­ing”
Oc­to­ber 17th, 2017Maleke Four­ati Uni­versity of Geneva“Are Muslim im­mig­rants really dif­fer­ent? Ex­per­i­mental evid­ence from the Le­banese Aus­tralian com­munity”
August 29th, 2017Juan Car­los Car­ba­jal Uni­versity of New South Wales"Policy Per­sist­ence and Eco­nomic Re­form"
July 11th, 2017Stephan LehnerWU Vi­ennaSmart Park­ing and Road Pri­cing: A field ex­per­i­ment?
June 14th, 2017Karl Sch­lagUni­versity Vi­enna“Mathem­at­ic­ally Cor­rect Tests for Com­par­ing Vari­ables”
May 30th, 2017Al­ex­an­der Us­vit­skiy Flor­ida State Uni­versity “State-­con­tin­gent risk-­tak­ing in dy­namic con­tests”
May 19th, 2017Daniel Wiesen Uni­versity Co­logne“Per­form­ance pay and mo­tiv­a­tion crowding-out: Evid­ence from an ex­per­i­ment with gen­eral prac­ti­tion­ers”.
May 19th, 2017Daniel WiesenUni­versity Co­logne“Be­ha­vi­oral ex­per­i­ments in health”
May 2nd, 2017Gigi FosterUni­versity of New South Wales“What Wo­men Want (their men to do): House­work and Sat­is­fac­tion in Aus­tralian House­holds”
April 4th, 2017Ne­manja Antic Kel­logg School of Man­age­ment at North­west­ern Uni­versity"Screen­ing through co­ordin­a­tion"
March 28th, 2017Judd KesslerThe Whar­ton School, The Uni­versity of Pennsylvania "Think­ing fast and slow: gen­er­os­ity over time"
March 21st, 2017Lukas Wen­nerUni­versity Co­logne"More Ef­fort With Less Pay - On In­form­a­tion Avoid­ance, Be­lief Design and Per­form­ance"
March 21st, 2017Martin Finken­zellerWU Vi­enna“The si­lence of the founders: What makes nas­cent en­tre­pren­eurs re­veal or con­ceal their busi­ness idea”
March 14th, 2017Stéphane Luchini Gre­qam, Mar­seille, France “Com­mit­ment to truth-­telling and Trust”
March 7th, 2017Owen Pow­ell WU Vi­enna “Mis­pri­cing: ex­per­i­ments and the­ory”
Janu­ary 31st, 2017Mari­anne Stephan­idesWU Vi­enna “Apo­lo­gies in eco­nomic de­cisions”
Janu­ary 24th, 2017Ondřej Krčál Mas­aryk Uni­versity, Brno, Czech Re­pub­lic"Killing two birds with one stone: Re­du­cing fis­cal and wel­fare loss of tax Eva­sion”
Janu­ary 17th, 2017Redzo Muj­cic WU Vi­enna “A Nat­ural Field Ex­per­i­ment on Dis­crim­in­at­ory Gifts”
Decem­ber 6th, 2016An­ita Zed­nik WU Vi­enna “The search for good music: pre­lim­in­ary res­ults of lat­ent class ana­lyses of music listen and down­load choice”
Novem­ber 22nd, 2016Christine Grimm WU Vi­enna “Bar­gain­ing, Asym­met­ric In­form­a­tion and Stra­tegic Com­mu­nic­a­tion”
Novem­ber 15th, 2016Markus Deimel WU Vi­enna“In­vest­ig­at­ing self-se­lec­tion mech­an­isms in­duced by se­lect­ive re­veal­ing”
Novem­ber 8th, 2016Ben Greiner WU Vi­enna “Demo­cratic pun­ish­ment in pub­lic good games with per­fect and im­per­fect ob­serv­ab­il­ity”
Oc­to­ber 25th, 2016Florian Spitzer WU Vi­enna “Pro­duct Test­ing in Mar­kets for Ex­per­i­ence Goods”
Oc­to­ber 11th, 2016Jo­han­nes Hölze­mannUni­versity of New South Wales“Gender ef­fects on eBay: 'How many cents on the dol­lar? Wo­men and men in pro­duct mar­kets”
Oc­to­ber 4th, 2016Redzo Muj­cic  WU Vi­enna “Team Gender Di­versity in High-S­take Com­pet­i­tions”