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Bachelor theses are scientific written papers. In the following document you will find a first overview of the most important elements for writing your bachelor thesis, such as the supervision process, general structure requirements and citation formats. Of course, this document is superseded by any comments provided directly by your supervisor.
Thesis Guide

The Code of Conduct of the IfU must also be adhered to when writing your bachelor thesis at the Institute.

The writing of the bachelor thesis requires - according to the curriculum - the positive completion of the course "Grundlagen wissenschaftlicher Arbeitens" or "Academic Research Techniques" (SBWL) or Introduction to Academic Writing (BBE). It is not possible to write a bachelor thesis before enrolling in this course.

Students could write the bachelor thesis parallel to the course, but a consecutive sequence is recommended.

A prerequisite for writing a Bachelor thesis at the Institute for Strategy and Managerial Accounting is a good knowledge of Management Accounting, Performance Management etc. Students of the SBWL "Strategy and managerial accounting" should generally have the opportunity to write their Bachelor thesis at the IfU.

The Institute for Strategy and Managerial Accounting supervises Bachelor- and Master Theses according to the current research focus of the named contact persons.

If you are interested, please contact the respective supervisor. After the initial contact every student has to submit a proposal for the pursued research work. 

Of course, students are welcome to present own approaches for their Thesis.

As the supervision depends on available resources, we suggest to get in contact as early as possible with the probable supervisor.