Die Stiege zum ersten Obergeschoss des D3 Gebäudes.

Application Criteria



Students in the BBE program must have completed the general exams in order to be able to register. In addition, a very good command of English is required.

You have to register for Course, GRABNER IS.: Access to Specialization: Strategy and Managerial Accounting

There are two ways to apply for our SBWL

Your application is valid, if you are registered in LPIS for ET "Access to Specialization: Strategy and Managerial Accounting" & have uploaded one of the following two forms on Canvas. Note: It may take up to an hour for the course to appear on Canvas for file upload after registration is complete.

Please note: Applying for ET does not mean that you are automatically admitted to SBWL. Admitted students will be notified via LPIS system of "successfully attended" and must afterwards register in LPIS for one of the courses 1. Registration for Course 2 in the same semester is recommended, but is not possible until you are registered for Course 1.

Mandatory attendance at the Welcome@IfU event applies.

Important notes on the application form: Please merge both documents (the completed application form with the GPA proof or CV) into one document. Recommended process: google search "merge pdf online free".

Save format:

  • GPA_lastname_firstname.pdf or

  • CV_lastname_firstname.pdf

We would appreciate, if you have completed one or more of the courses listed below:

  • Business Analytics I & II

  • Decision Making and Behavior in Business

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

  • Quantitative Methods I& II


The information you provide and submit in the form contains personally identifiable information. These are needed to be able to select suitable applicants in the course of a standardized application process. The personal data are used exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the application process and only data processors who work for WU within the meaning of Art 4 Z 8 GDPR (for example IT service providers) who are subject to strict confidentiality obligations are granted access to the data. The legal basis for the data processing is Art 6 para 1 lit e GDPR. Your data will be stored up to six months after the end of the application process and will not be forwarded to third parties. Further information can be found here.