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Specialization: Strategy and Managerial Accounting

What can you expect from Strategy and Managerial Accounting?

Strategy and Managerial Accounting focuses on how firms formulate, implement and (re)evaluate their strategy in order to reach the firm’s short-term as well as long-term objectives. Our graduates understand the role of strategic and operational controlling tools in managerial decision-making, and apply them in different contexts and to various problems. To prepare our graduates for the changing demands of the labor market, our program focuses on three complementary pillars:

  • Expertise: Students become experts content wise, and learn to apply their knowledge to specific real-life problems.

  • Academic Attitude: Students are trained in making evidence-based decisions, challenging assumptions critically, and making sound judgements based on limited information.

  • Managerial Skills: Students develop project management, leadership, teamwork and networking skills. The program supports them in developing a future-oriented mindset: Students learn about ethical and sustainable business conduct to be able to embrace their future responsibilities as a socially responsible global citizen.

Is Strategy and Managerial Accounting right for YOU?
  • Are you interested in understanding the (financial) consequences of managerial decisions?

  • Do you like to work on challenging tasks in teams of highly motivated students?

  • Are you ambitious and performance-focused, and do you like to share your enthusiasm with your fellow students?

  • Are you open-minded and do you like to work in teams in a collaborative environment?

Which career prospects will you have?

Typically, our graduates pursue one of the following career paths:

  • Accounting, Controlling, and Financial Advisory Function

  • Top-Management consultant in international consulting firm

  • Preparation for future Top Management position (e.g., Assistant to the CEO, crucial position in own family firm or startup)

The following overview shows the courses of the BBE Program " Strategy and Managerial Accounting ". It is held in examination mode A. Therefore, all 5 courses are offered by the examiner (PI) and therefore no special exam is required!

After a successful application and admission, it is possible (can but not must)to complete this BBE Program in two semesters.

Please note: Course 3 and Course 4 have to be completed in the same semester!

1st semester2nd semester
Course 1 (2h)
Introduction to Strategy and Managerial Accounting
Course 3 (2h)
Business Analysis Project or Project Seminar
Course 2 (2h)
Strategic Business Analytics and Investment Decisions
Course 4 (2h) Business Forecasting Project or
Theoretical basics
 Course 5 (2h)
Final Course