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Research Seminar Series

The Institute for Economic and Social History holds a regular research seminar with 4-5 speakers per term. The research seminar is coordinated with the ‘Wiso Abendkolloquium’ and further research seminars at the Institute for Economic and Social History of the University of Vienna and normally held on Tuesdays from 17:00 to 18:30. Attendance is open to everyone interested in the topics. For inquiries please contact

For the detailed program in the current semester see here.

In past semesters, speakers and papers were:

Summer Term 2024

Nina BOBERG-FAZLIC (TU Dortmund)
"Tuberculosis in Europe"
23rd April 2024

Jordi DOMÈNECH (Carlos III Madrid)
"Land Reform and Voting in Interwar Europe: Evidence from 1930s Spain"
7th May 2024

Faustine PERRIN with Youssouf Merouani (Lund)
"Woman Inventors: On the Origins of the Gender Patenting Gap"
4th June 2024

Winter Term 2023

Carola STAPPER (Köln)
"Consequences of Forced Labor: Evidence from Dutch Civilians after WWII"
7th November 2023

Fabian WAHL (WU, Mit Thilo Hüning (York) und Hans-Joachim Voth (Zürich))
"Strategic Dispersal and the making of the German Economy"
28th November 2023

Marvin SUESSE (Trinity College Dublin)
"The Nationalist Dilemma"
5th December 2023

Summer Term 2023

Mikolaj Malinowski (Groningen)
“Incredible Commitment: Oligarchy and state failure in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”
21st March 2023

Ryah Thomas (Oxford)
"All rise: Mobility of social status in late-industrial England (1850-1911)"
18th April 2023

Nuno Palma (Manchester)
"American treasure and the decline of Spain "
23rd May 2023

Winter Term 2022

Björn Brey (UL Bruxelles)
“The consequences of a trade collapse: Economics and politics in Weimar Germany ”
18th October 2022

Martín Fernández-Sánchez (Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research)
"Networks, Diversity, and Migrants' Productivity: Evidence from the Pontine Marshes, 1932-1941"
8th November 2022

Markus Hansen (Lund University)
"The Early Phase of the Danish Agrarian Reforms, 1740-1770: Causes and Consequences"
29th November 2022

Summer Term 2022

Seminars will be held online via Zoom, please send an email to to get the link for participation.
For questions on the seminars please contact organizers Marina Chuchko and Markus Lampe 

Clara Salvo (Sapienza Università di Roma)
“Does trade liberalization boost innovation? Evidence from French industrial sectors in the 19th century”
22. März 2022

Joanne Haddad (Université Libre de Bruxelles):
"Settlers and Norms"
17. Mai 2022

Stefan Nikolic (Bocconi University):
"Industrialisation in the Habsburg Empire. A Spatial Analysis"
31. Mai 2022

Winter Term 2021

Seminars will be held online via Zoom, please send an email to to get the link for participation.
For questions on the seminars please contact organizers Marina Chuchko and Markus Lampe 

Viktor Malein (SDU Odense)
Human Capital and Industrialization: The Case of German Colonists in Late Imperial Russia
Moderation: Marina Chuchko
2. November 2021, 18.00-19.30h / online

Francesco Cinnirella (Bergamo)
“Flow of Ideas: Economic Societies and the Rise of Useful Knowledge”
Moderation: Markus Lampe
16. November 2021, 18.00-19.30h / online

Georgios Tsiachtsiras (Universitat de Barcelona)
“Transportation Networks and the Rise of the Knowledge Economy in 19th-Century France”
Moderation: Markus Lampe
7. Dezember 2021, 18.00-19.30 Uhr / online

Andrei Markevich (Moscow)
“The Political-Economic Causes of the Soviet Great Famine, 1932–33”
Moderation: Marina Chuchko
11. Jänner 2022, 18.00-19.30h / online

Summer Term 2021

Seminars will be held online via Zoom, please send an email to to get the link for participation.
For questions on the seminars please contact organizers Marina Chuchko and Markus Lampe 

Blanca Sánchez Alonso/Carlos Santiago-Caballero (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid):
The Loss of Human Capital After the Spanish Civil War
20 April 2021, 18.00-19.30h

Anna Dagorret (Stanford GSB), Julia Cagé (PSE), Pauline Grosjean (UNSW), Saumitra Jha (Stanford GSB):
Heroes and Villains: The Effects of Combat Heroism on Autocratic Values and Nazi Collaboration in France
4 May 2020, 18.00-19.30h

Javier Mejía (NYU Abu Dhabi):
Social Networks and Entrepreneurship in Historical Context
1 June 2021, 18.00-19.30h

Wolf-Fabian Hungerland, Felix Kersting (HU Berlin):
Trade Shocks, Labor Markets and Elections in the First Globalization
8 June 2021, 18.00-19.30h

Winter Term 2020

Tamas Vonyo (Bocconi)
War and Socialism: Economic Growth and Backwardness in Eastern Europe
20 October 2020

Theresa Neef (FU Berlin/World Inequality Database)
The Long Way to Gender Equality: Gender Pay Differences in Germany, 1871-2016
12 January 2021


Summer Term 2020

Alexia Lochmann (Paris School of Economics)
Culture and Emigration: Evidence from the South Tyrol Option Agreement
21 April 2020

Thilo Albers (HU Berlin)
Losing the Gains from Trade. Evidence from the Trade Multiplier of the Great Depression
26 May 2020

Winter Term 2019

Michael HUBERMAN (Université de Montréal)
Against the Grain: Spanish Trade Policy in the Interwar Years.
(with Concha Betrán, University of Valencia)

15. Oktober 2019

Cormac O GRADA (University College Dublin)
Economic History: ‘An Isthmus Joining Two Great Continents’?
(veranstaltet gemeinsam mit Agrarian Studies Group, Universität Wien)

05. November 2019

Janek WASSERMAN (University of Alabama)
The Marginal Revolutionaries: How Austrian Economists Fought the War of Ideas (Yale Univ. Press)
Book presentation
02. December 2019

Maylis AVARO (Graduate Institute, Geneva)
Zombie International Currency: The Pound Sterling 1945-1973
26. November 2019

Max-Stephan SCHULZE (London School of Economics)
Comparing inter-urban transaction costs: capital and wheat markets North and South of the Alps, 1350-1800“ joint work with David Chilosi (Groningen) und Oliver Volckart (LSE)
10. December 2019

Thies LINDENTHAL (University of Cambridge)
Property Level Yields in Paris, 1810-1910
21. January 2020

Summer Term 2019

Fabian HUNGERLAND (HU Berlin)
The Great Specialisation Revisited: Evidence from Germany in Two Globalisations (with Nikolaus Wolf)
12. März 2019

Bruno WITZEL-SOUZA (Göttingen)
Immigration policies, nationalities, and occupational sorting: new evidence from the Age of Mass Migration in Sao Paulo, Brazil (1820-1920)
26. März 2019

Kara DIMITRUK (Stellenbosch)
A Collection of Unruly Gentlemen? Explaining English Parliament's Functioning, 1660-1702.
09. April 2019

Stefano UGOLINI (Toulouse)
The Origination and Distribution of Money Market Instruments: Sterling Bills of Exchange during the First Globalization (with Olivier Accominotti and Delio Lucena)
21. Mai 2019

Valeria RUEDA (Oxford)
Political unification and geographic economic disparities in Italy: 1861-1871
4. Juni 2019

Winter Term 2018

Jochen STREB (Universität Mannheim)
The Impact of Social Insurance on Marriage and Ferility: Prussia 1875-1910
22. January 2019

Sofie WALTL (Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research and WU)
Housing Rent Dynamics, Rent Regulation and Consumer Prices in St. Petersburg (1880-1917)
22. November 2018

Alexander WULFERS (Oxford University)
The Shift towards Protectionism in the Weimar Republic and the political economy of German Trade Policy
13. November 2018

Daniel RAFF (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Business History and the Problem of Action.

25. October 2018

Eric HORNUNG (Universität zu Köln)

Roman Trade Networks and Contemporary Economic Integration
16. October 2018

Summer Term 2018

Kerstin ENFLO (Lund University)
Can Kings Create Towns that Thrive? The long-run implications of new town foundations (joint work with Alexandra L. Cermeño)
12. June 2018

Wolfgang HÖPKEN (Universität Leipzig)
Wissenschaft - Macht - Ideologie: Die deutschsprachige Südosteuropa-Forschung zwischen Nationalsozialismus und Nachkriegsdemokratisierung.
05. June 2018

Cathrin MOHR (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Carrots or Sticks? Housing construction and the opposition in the German Democratic Republic
22. May 2018

Vicente PINILLA (University of Zaragoza)
How to become a leader in an emerging new global market: The determinants of French wine exports, 1848-1938 (joint work with María Isabel Ayuda and Hugo Ferrer-Pérez)
17. April 2018

Winter Term 2017

Francisco J. BELTRÁN TAPIA (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Reading and writing in the city: Madrid, 1880-1905
30. Januar 2018

Alexander KLEIN (University of Kent)

'Second Serfdom' and Economic Performance of the Czech Lands: Opinions vs Evidence

09. Januar 2018

Kilian RIEDER (University of Oxford)
Contingent Rules: Last Resort Lending, Moral Hazard and Credit Limits at the Austro-Hungarian Bank 1878-1913
21. November 2017

Javier MEJIA (Universidad de los Andes/Stanford)

Social Networks and Modern Entrepreneurship. Evidence from a Historical Episode of Industrialization

07. November 2017

Rudolf BOGENSPERGER (Landesverteidigungsakademie, Zentraldokumentation)
Stukturwandel im Kreditwesen am Beispiel der Zentralsparkasse der Gemeinde Wien 1955-1970
10. Oktober 2017

Summer Term 2017

Philipp AGER (University of Southern Denmark)
The Kindergarten Movement and the U.S. Demographic Transition
27. Juni 2017

Andrea COLLI (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)
The evolution of the Italian economy in the long-run: Why it´s worth knowing it better especially if you´re not Italian
30. Mai 2017

Sandra DE PLEIJT (Universiteit Utrecht)
Girl power Generates Superstars in Long-term Development: Female Autonomy and Human Capital Formation in Early Modern Europe
09. Mai 2017

Judy STEPHENSON (University of Oxford)
The wage dispersion and labour supply of early modern builders in London
28. März 2017

Guido ALFANI (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)
Labouring to the top? The prevalence and the composition of the rich in Italy and Europe, ca. 1300-1800
07. März 2017

Winter Term 2016

Joan R. ROSÉS (London School of Economics)
A Tale of Two Crises: Exploring the Economic Resilience of Swedish Regions during the Interwar Period
joint work with Kerstin ENFLO, Lund University
17. Januar 2017

Pablo MARTINELLI (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
The Role of Women in Tradidtional Agriculture: Evidence from Italy
joint work with Giovanni Federico, University of Pisa
13. Dezember 2016

Michael PAMMER (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz)
Distribution and Productivity in Cisleithanian Agriculture, 1902
15. November 2016

Tomas CVRCEK (University College London)
The Making of a Liberal Education: Political Economy of the Austrian School Reform, 1865-1875
11. Oktober 2016

Summer Term 2016

Laura MARAVALL BUCKWALTER (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
The role of indigenous agency: A case study in pre-independence Algeria
14. Juni 2016

Marc GONI (Universität Wien)
Landed elites and education provision in England and Wales: Evidence from school boards, 1870-1899
25. Mai 2016

Paul SHARP (University of Southern Denmark)
The effect of serfdom on labor markets
10. Mai 2016

Kevin O´ROURKE (University of Oxford)
Protectionism, the Ottawa accords, and British interwar trade
03. Mai 2016