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ENGAGE.EU Signature Course


In this course, students will work in cross-university teams applying the knowledge acquired in the online modules and are coached by an expert teaching at one of the four involved ENGAGE.EU partner institutions. Each of the four participating ENGAGE.EU institutions contribute one online module. The content of the modules deals with the future of work from different angles, including legal, sociological, business, and learning perspectives. Through the cooperation of people with diverse (academic) backgrounds, students gain theoretical knowledge on a current topic, relevant digital and organizational skills, and valuable experiences through cooperating with students from other institutions.

Course components
  • Kick-Off and Closing events on WU's virtual campus

  • Online modules

  • A Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) group assignment

  • Further tasks, individual at each of the four ENGAGE.EU partner institutions

Partner institutions

The ENGAGE.EU Signature Course "The Future of Work" is a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) format jointly developed and offered at Norwegian School of Economics, University of Mannheim, Toulouse Capitole University, and Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).


ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and social sciences. The alliance's ambition is to enable its learners to act as socially engaged European citizens and to have an impact on society at large.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

COIL assignment (group work)

  • Students work in cross-university teams on a company case. This challenging assignment requires groups to develop an appropriate solution to the challenges the company faces with the growing use of AI technology. 

  • The team members need to organize their time and resources as a group and manage the steps of the project in a limited period.

  • The outcome of the group work is a 2,5 min. video pitch presented in a screencast PowerPoint presentation or a graphic novel. The format depends on which lecturer the group is assigned to.

  • Find more information on the group work on this website, in the section "Helpful information for students"

Online Modules

COIL assignment

Further tasks