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Among our accomplished members is Nadine Thielemann, a full professor of Slavic Linguistics and Intercultural Communication and Head of the WU's Institute for Slavic Languages (Department of Business Communication). Nadine Thielemann worked and studied at universities in Germany (Freiburg, Potsdam, Hamburg), Poland (Cracow), Russia (Kazan), and Ukraine (Lviv) before joining WU. At WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien), her international experiences inform and inspire her research and teaching on intercultural communication.

Her research pivots on the interplay of communication and culture across diverse contexts. She is interested in how culture shapes communication, ranging from the micro-level of face-to-face interaction and individual communicative practices to the macro-level of discourses across various domains. At the discursive level, her research focuses on the intersection of political and economic discourse or business communication across different cultures.

In one of her latest projects on energy communication, Nadine Thielemann, together with her colleague Martina Berrocal (FSU Jena), investigated how the national discourses on coal in the Czech Republic and Poland differ from the transnational discourse in the social media. The authors observed that energy issues in Central Eastern Europe are primarily discussed as political issues in their national scope and not as environmental problems. This contrasts sharply with the transcultural English-language environmental discourse, which emphasizes coal's impact on climate change. The results of the study (Berrocal & Thielemann 2024) thus also offer an explanatory framework for the rather low resonance of the institutionalized environmental movement in the countries of Central Eastern Europe.

On March 18, Nadine Thielemann will present the project results as part of the Lectures for Future (L4F) series at Technische Universität Wien.
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