About Us

The activities of the Center focus on the fields of Emerging Markets (EM) as well as transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Our main objective is to address the rising importance of these markets in the global economy, point to their institutional specificities, and identify the implied challenges for international business and policy-making.

Through our activities we aim at…

  • Informing about topical issues related to emerging and transforming markets

  • Communicating the extensive body of WU research in the area of Emerging Markets & CEE

  • Promoting interest in Emerging Markets and CEE among students and the general (non-academic) public

  • Achieving better interconnectedness of research, education, business practice, policy making and institutions.

The Center's activities aim at all people interested in EM and CEE, especially at the following target groups:

  • Students, grauduates and alumni

  • Lecturers

  • Researchers

  • Executives

  • Policy-makers in public institutions and the non-profit sector

  • Media

The following web pages set out why the Center deals with EM & CEE, who we are and what kind of activites we undertake.