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Master Thesis

If you are interested in writing your Master Thesis at the Demography Group, please provide an exposé and a letter of motivation. You may choose/suggest the topic of your thesis yourself. In addition underneath please find a suggestion for a topic.


  • 1000 words

  • Working title

  • Research question

  • Approach / Methodology

  • Structure

  • Literature review (first draft)

  • Time schedule

Letter of Motivation
Please also mention your field of study and seminars you have attended that are of importance with regard to the topic of your Master Thesis. General information on Master Theses at WU can be found here.

The length of your Master Thesis should be 70-80 A4 pages including a 150 word abstract.

What’s the effect of migration on population dynamics?

In addition to birth and death rates, migration also contributes to population growth and a changing population age structure. Quantify the contribution of migration to past and likely future population trends in a selection of European countries and discuss the differences. If you are interested in this topic, please contact Prof. Wolfgang Lutz.