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Data Protection Officer of WU

Data Protection Officer of WU

WU has appointed Georg Fellner, an attorney and partner with Brauneis Rechtsanwälte GmbH, as the WU Data Protection Officer.


WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

c/o Data Protection Officer

Welthandelsplatz 1, AR building

1020 Vienna

The Data Protection Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • Representing WU to the outside in his role as Data Protection Officer

  • Investigating, documenting, and reporting any data protection violations or misuse of data

  • Reviewing compliance with data protection regulations and data protection measures in place at WU

  • Reporting to the Rector’s Council (on an annual basis)

  • Drafting statements in specific cases, after consultation with the Rector’s Council

  • Providing training and increasing awareness for employees involved with data processing

  • Cooperating with the Austrian Data Protection Authority

  • Consulting in the context of data protection impact assessment and supervising its implementation