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About us

Communication happens all around us. We humans, as social creatures, are in constant communication with others to socialize. However, as those methods of socialization change, so too do our communication practices - and that is exactly why communication today is more important than ever.

Communicative relationships between organizations and their stakeholders are critical to their success. Regardless of whether an organization is communicating with internal stakeholders such as employees, or external stakeholders such as customers, competitors, or the public, communication is the mechanism which allows businesses to tick. The strategies we use to communicate via traditional media, such as newspaper and television, are very different to those now being used on social media. Likewise, the ways by which we create cohesion and trust with our colleagues have changed dramatically with recent technological advancements. As our everyday communicative practices change, so must an organization’s communication strategy to ensure it continues to work efficiently, work effectively, and add value to the brand.

Here at the Institute for Communication Management and Media, not only do we explore theories of organizational communication, their manifold forms in the public, and their impact on organizations themselves, but we consider how this works on a societal level too. In order to do that, we integrate interdisciplinary perspectives from communication science and linguistics, along with relevant research from marketing and psychology. The Institute places a particular focus on strategic communication and communication management.