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Navigating within the campus

Although a bit intimidating at first, getting around the WU campus is fairly easy. If you want to get familiar with the layout of the campus and its buildings, click here.

To plan your routes and look up the location of rooms, you can go to the interactive navigation map. In the conference program, you'll see the names of the rooms, which is a combination of letters and numbers, e.g. D3.0.218. "D3" is the name of the building, ".0" shows you that it is on level 0 (level 1 for our American participants) and ".218" is the name/number of the room. Simply type in the full name in the search box and it will highlight the room. You can also get directions from any address you'll type in. Be careful to always type in the full name of the room you are looking for. D3.0.218 is the room where the registration will take place, so this is the first room you'll need to find.

To give you a headstart, the location of the entrance to D3 and the paths to it from the 2 metro stations are indicated by the red drawings in the map above. If you want to print the building map you can find a PDF here, but you'll find a map of the campus at both entrances to the campus anyway. 

Building D3

Venue - Impressions