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Final Conference of the EU-Tempus project BUSEEG at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

The final conference of the project „vocational and entrepreneurial independence through entrepreneurship education and start-up consultancy“ was held between 12th and 16th of September.

During the final conference all partners who were involved in the project presented the project results which were developed during the last three years:

  • Entrepreneurship education at the partner universities has been implemented with a workload of 20 ECTS in 11 bachelor and 4 master programs, and the study programs have been started with 1,070 students. These are nearly 170 % more students than the planned 400 students.

  • Entrepreneurship education at vocational schools has been implemented with an amount of 144 hours in 25 curricula of 12 vocational schools, and entrepreneurship education at has been started with 1,512 students. This is almost four times 400 students.

  • Consulting services have been implemented at all partner universities and at 11 vocational schools, and consulting has been started with 1,126 consultations at universities and 757 consultations at vocational schools. In the proposal and the LFM was no fixed number of consultations planned, but the achieved number far exceeds the expectations.

  • Additionally to the project participants, 178 university teachers and 155 teachers of vocational schools have been trained. These numbers also far exceed the panned numbers of 90 university teachers and 60 teachers of vocational schools.

  • The results of the project have been disseminated at 13 dissemination conferences and by publication of books, articles and collections of the learning and teaching materials.

  • The quality assurance is documented by the report of the responsive evaluation of the project by an EU expert and the reports of the evaluations of the curricula and the learning materials by Russian and Ukraine experts.

During the visit of the start-up consulting center of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna an exchange of experiences took place and contacts for future collaboration were established.

During the dissemination at the University in Graz, the project results were presented, discussed and experiences in Entrepreneurship Education were exchanged.

In the final coordination conference further measures for ensuring the sustainability of the project were discussed. Additionally, future cooperation was initiated.

After three years of intense collaboration it is hard to say goodbye!