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  • Why is antisemitism rising in the UK & across Europe? held by Labour Movement in Europe, pro-EU society affiliated to the Labour Party and the Jewish Labour Movementm, 2020

    • Bini Guttmann (European Union of Jewish Students): 18:15-26:41min

    • Hannah Rose (Union of Jewish Students UK): 26:51-35:13min

Lecture Series: Dealing with antisemitism in the past and present. Scientific organizations and the state of research in Austria.

Lecture 1: Workplace Antisemitism: Restitution of the Past, Engagement with the Present

by Yochanan Altman and Johannes Koll (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

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Lecture 2:  Research on Post-1945 and Contemporary Antisemitism at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

by Gerald Lamprecht (Austrian Academy of Sciences & University of Graz) and Ljiljana Radonić (Institute of Culture Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

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Lecture 3: Empirical Research of Antisemitic Prejudice: the Quantitative Approach. Methods and Problems 

by András Kovács (Central European University)

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Lecture 4: Nazi Crimes and Anti-Semitism in History. The Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies 

by Jochen Böhler and Éva Kovács (Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies)

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Lecture 5: Actively Archiving Antisemitism: 60 Years of the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance 

by Andreas Kranebitter and Bianca Kämpf (Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance)

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