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One of SABE's goals is to provide support to Jewish people by showing that research is done on Antisemitism and that it is a relevant topic to universities, authorities and students. 

Extending Support

SABE made the choice to actively respond to the events of October 7th. Supported by three institutes - Interdisciplinary Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior, Nonprofit Management and Human Resource Management - we 'adopted' one of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. Her name is Noa Argamani, photos of her abduction became one of the symbols of October 7th and are widely circulated in the media. For her misfortune she ‘gained’ an entry in Wikipedia. We have no illustion that we can in any way affect her situation with Hamas, nor that it may bring any real comfort to her distraught family; but we aimed to support overwhelmed Israeli colleagues. And in that we succeeded. Yochanan Altman's colleague Nurit Zaidman writes from Be'er-Sheva: "The academic year started on January 4th and the Dean, Miki Malul, shared with faculty members his profound thanks and great appreciation for your act". 

Network of Jewish university lecturers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

A network of support for Jewish professors in the DACH (Germany - Austria - Switzerland) region is organized by the Tikvah Institue in Germany. More information on their cause can be found here.