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For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us: sbwliamc@wu.ac.at

General Questions:

1.    How long is the scheduled duration of the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling?

The scheduled duration of the SBWL is 2 semesters.

2.    In which language are the lectures of the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling held?

The language of the basic literature as well as of the lectures is generally English. However, some exceptional courses (in German) can be offered.

3.    Is it possible to attend the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling as well as the SBWL Rechnungslegung und Steuerlehre simultaneously?

Yes, as long as you have not yet attended or completed another SBWL.

Questions concerning the admission into the new SBWL:

1.    I was enrolled for the (old) SBWL Accounting, but I have failed or not yet passed the basics course. Is it possible to switch to the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling?

Yes, but you have to apply for the new SBWL. The admission is based on the regular terms of admission (as described below).

2.    I have passed the basics course of the (old) SBWL Accounting and would like to switch to the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling. Is this possible?

Switching from the (old) SBWL Accounting to the (new) SBWL International Accounting & Controlling is not possible due to the changed examination mode.

3.    Do students have to pass an entrance exam for the new SBWL International Accounting & Controlling?

No, there is no entrance exam to pass. If the number of interested students exceeds the available capacity in a given semester, the students will be ranked by their average grade from AMC I and AMC II (Wiso/Wire) or Financial Reporting & Analysis and Decision Making in Behaviour and Business and their admission will be based on their rankings.

4.    Is it necessary to bring my transcript of records to the Institute showing the grades of AMC I and AMC II?

No, the average grade will be calculated by us.

5.    There is only one exam left for me to fulfil the general SBWLs admission criteria. Can I apply for the SBWL and submit my grade later?

This is not possible. You can only apply via LPIS and only if you meet all admission criteria by the end of the application period.

6.    Is course AMC III also a condition for being admitted to the new SBWL?


Questions concerning the courses of the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling:

1.    Where can I find information about the contents of the offered courses?

You can find a detailed content description of the courses in the WU Directory of Classes (eVVZ)

2.    Is it possible to register for the Basics Course directly?

Yes, the admitted students may register for the course via LPIS.

3.    Do I have to pass a Fachprüfung at the end of the SBWL?

No, the SBWL International Accounting & Controlling is held in the examination mode A (all courses are PIs and involve the continuous assessment of the student performance). Student performance is not or not exclusively assessed in a single final examination at the end of the course, but it is based on at least three examination components over the entire course. Such examination components could be e.g. partial/mid-term test(s), presentations, class participation, written assignments.

4.    What happens if I fail the Basics Course?

In case you fail the Basics Course, you need to apply for the Basic Course again next semester.

5.    What happens if I fail another course, namely one of the Courses II – V?

In case you fail any of the courses, you need to repeat the course(s) next semester and register for the course(s) again via LPIS.