Mobility and Internationality


Internationality is a hallmark of WU, which is why the university encourages and supports activities such as student and faculty exchange and international degree programs.

Thirty-one percent of all WU students (that is approx. 6,500) come from abroad. Each academic year, about 1,000 exchange students come to WU, and just as many WU students go abroad to spend a semester or a year at one of WU’s approximately 240 partner universities. WU offers a wide range of international opportunities, from semesters abroad to international short programs, double degree programs, and online study opportunities. For stays abroad, students receive financial support through the EU’s Erasmus+ program or through WU’s own mobility grants.

WU offers a number of short-term academic programs for international and WU students. These are characterized by high-quality academic content taught by WU faculty and guest lecturers, and they also include attractive complementary activities (e.g. social and cultural events).

Mobility without borders

The mobility of WU’s faculty is an essential, invaluable asset for WU’s position in the international higher education landscape. There are many opportunities for WU researchers to gain international experience. Through grants, partnerships, and membership in various networks, WU is able to offer its faculty international perspectives and exchange opportunities.

Internationality, innovation, and diversity on Campus WU

Ten years ago, WU moved to its modern campus located in the heart of Vienna – a vibrant hub and meeting place where people from all over the world do research, teach, study, or savor the international ambience on Campus WU. The campus provides an impressive architectural backdrop for a university that brings together people from all over the world every day. Campus WU was specifically designed to give physical shape to a modern university concept. The impressive Library & Learning Center (LC), designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, makes it clear that teaching and research are at the center of WU’s activities. Several building complexes are grouped around the LC, including the Teaching Center (TC), the department buildings, and the Executive Academy. But not only the buildings themselves, also the spacious areas between them offer countless opportunities for meeting people and exchanging ideas. 55,000 of the 100,000 square meters of Campus WU’s total usable surface area are open spaces freely accessible to the public.

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