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Welcome to our new colleagues

02. September 2020

It is a great pleasure to announce that we have a number of people who have recently or now started their positions in our Department!

  • Klaus Prettner is our new professor of "Macroeconomics and Digitalization". Klaus’ main areas of interest are the economic consequences of automation, economic growth, and inequality. For example, he has recently published a textbook on "Automation and Its Macroeconomic Consequences" (with David Bloom).

  • Charles Louis-Sidois, Fabian Siuda, and Dea Tuscha have started their Assistant Professor positions at the Department. Charles interests are in Political Economy, Public Economics, Microeconomics, and Media Economics. For example, one of his recent papers is on media capture. Fabian’s works on topics in Labor Economics, Demographic Economics and Long-Run Growth. His Job market paper is on “Childlessness and Inter-Temporal Fertility Choice.” Dea’sprimary research interests are Applied Microeconomics, International Economics, Development Economics, and Economic Geography.

  • Klara Kinnl, Nikolas Kuschnig, Lukas Vashold and Ulrich Wohak have joined the Department as our new 2020 PhD-cohort.

  • Ute Springer joins as Assistant to the Department Chair.

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