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Two Visiting researchers at the Department of Economics

13. Februar 2020

Welcome to Enrico Longo and Mehmet Yigit Gurdal

Enrico Longo is a PhD student at the Ca’Foscari University of Venice. Currently he is working on a chapter of his dissertation entitled “Distributive Justice and Perception of Fairness”. He has a desk at D4.2.132, and you can reach him at

Mehmet Yigit Gurdalis an Associate Professor of Economics at Bogazici University. Mehmet’s stay is financed by the Austrian Academy of Sciences under the “Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities” (JESH) programme. Mehmet is an applied microeconomist with a strong expertise in behavioral and experimental economics. He has published a number of influential papers, for example, on truth-telling in sender-receiver games, gender effects in leadership and risk-taking, and religiosity and fairness perceptions. Mehmet has a desk at D4.2.114 and you can reach him at

Both Enrico and Mehmet will be staying until the end of June 2020.

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