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Theine Hendrik

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Hendrik Theine

Hendrik Theine, PhD

phone:     +43 1 31336 5062


office:      D4.2.169

Office hours: by appointment

Hendrik Theine is a postdoctoral researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria and a visiting scholar at the Annenberg School for Communication, Media, Inequality & Change Center (MIC) during the fall term 2022. He is a broadly trained critical social scientist researching at the intersection of media discourses, economic inequality and the climate crisis.
His work on media discourses spans across research on economic inequality, the taxation of inheritances and wealth, as well as the climate crisis and the resulting need for social ecological transformation. In addition, he works on the ongoing economic and social transformation of labour in the context of online platforms and digitalization as well as on the role of wealth inequality for the climate crisis.
He is part of the organising team of the Netzwerk kritische Kommunikationswissenschaft (Network for Critical Communication Studies), on the board of BEIGEWUM (an Austrian-based think tank for economic, social and ecological alternatives) and co-editor of the book Klimasoziale Politik (Climate Social Politics).

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Department of Economics
Building D4, 2nd floor
Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna

In October 2019, Hendrik Theine started as a post-doc researcher at the Institute for Heterodox Economics. His dissertation “Economic Inequality and Redistribution Policies – the Conditioning Power of the Media” focused on the media coverage of economic inequality and redistribution policies (see here, here and here for published papers).

His current research interests are: critical political economy analyses in the areas of media, platform capitalism and climate change. Based on a pluralist perspective, he uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, for instance, discourse analysis, text mining and network analysis.

Current Projects