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Nigel Reynard

Nigel Reynard, B.A., LL.M.

Nigel Reynard, B.A., LL.M.

Senior Lecturer

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Nigel Reynard studied French, German and European Studies at the University of Bath before coming to work at the Institute for English Business Communication as an exchange lecturer from 2001 to 2004.

The twelve years following this saw various adventures in the business world here in Vienna, including a not so successful stint as an insurance salesman, maternity leave cover at an EU agency and, over the longer term, a position with PwC. During this time he also completed a law conversion course (Common Professional Examination) as well as a Master’s degree (LL.M.) in International Commercial Law. He rejoined the Institute for English Business Communication as a full-time lecturer in October 2016.

Research Interests

  • The English legal system

  • Legal English, in particular English for commercial contracts

  • Language register issues when dealing with clients and potential clients