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Christopher Ross

Dr. Christopher Ross, B.A., M.A.

Dr. Christopher Ross, B.A., M.A.

Senior Lecturer

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Chris joined the Institute as an external lecturer in 1998 and was appointed to a permanent position two years later. Over the next twenty years, he taught a wide range of the Institute’s undergraduate courses and on one Master programme, as well as supervising Bachelor theses. In addition, from 2002 he served as the Institute’s Quality and Examinations Officer. Now, following his retirement in 2018, he works as a freelance language consultant, in which capacity he is involved in preparing the Institute’s new undergraduate programme and in helping WU staff with good English competences to improve these further. He specialises in editing academic articles for publication in highly ranked English-language journals, by which he understands not only basic proofreading but also, and above all, ensuring that texts conform to relevant Anglo-American norms regarding linguistic structure (at the sentence, paragraph and whole-text levels).

Research Interests

Although Chris has no research remit within the Institute, he retains a strong interest in the areas he worked in prior to joining it: Spanish politics; regionalism and nationalism in Spain, and the Basque nationalist movement.

Key Publications

2016 Contemporary Spain (with Bill Richardson & Begoña Sangrador-Vegas). 4th ed., London & New York: Routledge.
2009Spain since 1812. 3rd edition, London: Hodder Education.