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Presentation Strands

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Presentations related to the following thematic areas are welcome:

  • LALT: Language Awareness in Language Learning and Language Teaching
    Language Awareness in and beyond the classroom; L1 related vs. L2/Ln related Language Awareness; “correctness” awareness in different cultural, educational and professional settings; ELF-related awarenes

  • LAWB: Language Awareness in the Workplace and Business
    Multilingualism in organisations/companies; internal/external communication; beliefs and attitudes related to corporate language(s) and to the general role of languages in the workplace

  • LAMA: Language Awareness and Awareness of (New/Social) Media
    users’, teachers’ and learner’s awarenesses of language changes, new genres, different communication strategies, potential misunderstandings in new/social media

  • LICA: Language Awareness, Culture/Intercultural Awareness, Communication Awareness
    their mutual relationships, similarities and differences, critical and uncritical (folk) beliefs/theories of culture(s), identity/identities, the functioning of communication

  • CLA: Critical Language Awareness
    awareness of (non-)discriminatory use of language, institutional discourse and power, gender sensitive language, awareness related to gender, sexual orientation, minorities, refugees, disabled persons, etc.

  • LAAV: Awareness and Attitudes concerning languages and their different varieties
    Awareness and attitudes towards traditional dialects, ‘new’ dialects and vernaculars, the new speakers and their ethnicity and identity, migration