WU matters. WU talks. The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism

Public Lecture des Depart­ments für Volks­wirt­schaft

The central role played by popu­lism in the poli­tical arena of Western socie­ties raises important ques­tions concerning the inter­ac­tion of economic and poli­tical systems, as well as the sustaina­bi­lity of current liberal demo­cratic struc­tures. What is the nature of the marriage between capi­ta­lism and demo­cracy? Can it endure? If so, what changes are needed? These are the ques­tions to be addressed in this lecture, which will discuss the complex history of the rela­ti­onship between free-­market capi­ta­lism and demo­cracy, consider how the current stresses between the two have deve­l­oped and assess whether and how this rela­ti­onship might be restored to health.

Keynote Speaker:

Martin Wolf, Chief Econo­mics Commen­tator, The Finan­cial Times


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