Module "Methods of Empirical Social Research"

Module "Methods of Empirical Social Research", Courses I & II (BW and Business Informatics)

Empirical Social Research discusses the logic(s) of social science methodology. Starting from a brief discussion of the purpose of scientific research and the scientific method, the course identifies various types of inference and the techniques associated with each inferential type and introduces different type of data, methods of data collection and issues.

Students are then familiarized with a selection of the most important research designs used in the social sciences: experiments, data analysis, selected causal models – knowledge that the intensity in some of four Übungen on Data and Measurement, Research Design, Data Analysis, and Experiments.

The course provides a comprehensive overview over the most widely used systematic research techniques and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. After completing the course, students are well equipped to understand and critique the choice of research designs. They are also able to develop research designs themselves.

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