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Interlocking theorizations: ‚Bundles‘ of interdependent management concepts and their local variations

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This project extends our past research on the emergence, diffusion, and translation/adaptation of global management concepts/ideas and/or forms of organizing in two ways: First, we incorporate the observation that various concepts are linked to each other and essentially spread in multiple yet interdependent waves. Such a notion underscores that concepts come in ‘bundles’ and that the history of prior adoptions and translations as well as the relationship to other concepts and reciprocity of concepts, actions, and identities must be taken into account in order to fully understand the relevant dynamics. Second, we go beyond mostly verbal text and include multimodal, in particular visual, manifestations of concepts and bundles. We explore the theorization, diffusion, and translation of such bundles through the combined use of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Several manuscripts have been published in major academic journals, and an additional number of manuscripts are currently under review.

Team: Renate Meyer, Markus Höllerer, Dennis Jancsary, Vitaliano Barberio

Collaborations: The project is coordinated with complementary projects on the adoption and impact of modern management concepts and ideas at the University of Mannheim (Michael Woywode), Friedrich Schiller Unversity Jena (Peter Walgenbach), and the University of Cologne (Mark Ebers).

Funding: Austrian Science Fund