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Ware Sarah, MSc (WU)

WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development
Welthandelsplatz 1/D4
1020 Vienna, Austria

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Sarah Ware is an experienced urban planning practitioner and pre-doc research assistant with a focus on social ecological transformation in urban areas. Her main interests are in the transformative potential of social movements in urban planning decision-making processes and the contribution of post-development theory to urban (planning) theory that more accurately reflects the globalised nature of neoliberal urbanisation. Sarah teaches at both the bachelor and master level on topics related to sustainable city models, urban planning, public participation and environmental challenges in an urban context. She has a background in “Socio-ecological Economics and Policy” (MSc, Vienna University of Economics and Business) and “Environmental Planning” (BachEnvPlan, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia) and experience as an urban planning practitioner in both Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.


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