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Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Mary Kaldor

14. November 2018

Human security in the age of geopolitics, war on terror and new wars: Is the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy fit for purpose? Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Mary Kaldor in co-operation with WU Vienna (10.12.2018)

We are living through a period of transition, which is characterized by competing conceptions of power and competing ways of doing security. In contrast to the Cold War and indeed the whole period of modernity, the combination of new wars and the war on terror in places like Syria, DRC, or Yemen is undermining many of the norms and laws of war associated with traditional geo-politics – bombing schools and hospitals, long distance assassination, the use of poison as a weapon or beheadings and sexual slavery - and producing large-scale forced displacement. Against this background, the Kapuscinski Development Lecture with Professor Mary Kaldor will argue that the European Union potentially represents a new form of political authority – a model of global governance in contrast to traditional states like the US, Russia or China. This is illustrated by its security culture as represented by the European Union Global Strategy on foreign and security policy. The Global Strategy aspires to a form of Liberal Peace that is based on human security rather than national security. The evolution of the EU, she will argue, depends to a considerable extent on whether the EU adopts a closed-in traditional inside-outside bordered approach to security or alternatively whether it pursues a global human rights-based approach and is able to respond effectively to its crisis-ridden neighborhood. To this end, the promotion of sustainable development in its economic, social and environmental dimensions will be of vital importance.

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