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ERES Industry Seminar

05. September 2018

Tourism and Real Estate - Save the date: October 19th, 2018

Join us for an exciting ERES Industry Seminar on "Tourism and Real Estate". In a series of presentations and a panel we will discuss current developments in tourism, new challenges like sharing platforms, and their implications for the development and management of tourism assets like hotels and tourist resourts. What investment strategies have worked in the past? Will these investments be promising in the long run? What are the financial and organisational strategies of the tourism industry in terms of real estate? How important is the local context for tourism real estate? How does the local context relate to the international developments in the industry? - These are just some of the questions we will raise and discuss. In its traditional Industry Seminars, ERES, the European Real Estate Society brings together practitioners, consultants, and researchers for a fruitful exchange of perspectives and ideas. Participation is free, registration is required because of limited capacity.

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