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Critical Perspectives on ‘Sustainable Work’ and ‘Postwork’

16. Mai 2018

Reserach Group Meeting - Critical Perspectives on ‘Sustainable Work’ and ‘Postwork’

Date: May 16, 2018

Venue: WU, Building D4, 3rd floor, room 106 (D4.3.106) on May 16


09:00 Wolfgang Fellner, Stefanie Gerold, Maja Hoffmann, Ernest Aigner: Introduction

09:45 Sigrid Stagl: Perspectives on Work in Ecological Economics Comment: Daniel Hausknost

11:00 David Frayne: Capitalism and the Politics of Time Comment: Melanie Pichler

11:45 Wolfgang Fellner: The Value of Time Comment: Franz Astleithner

14:00 Andrea Komlosy: What is Work? Socio-Historical and Discursive Approaches Comment: Maja Hoffmann

14:45 Laurence Davis: The Craft Utopia of William Morris Comment: Karin Schönpflug

16:00 Beate Littig: Sustainable Work? A Socio-ecological and Feminist Perspective Comment: Petra Sauer

16:45 Open discussion

Date: May 17, 2018 - 6:30 p.m.

Venue: WU, Building TC, Ground Floor, room TC.0.03 on May 17


The Future of No Work? Critique, Utopias and Politics

Panel: Andrea Komlosy, Sylvia Kuba, David Frayne, Laurence Davis

Moderation: Stefanie Gerold

For more detailed information see the program.

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