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Noreen Saher, M.Phil / Ph.D.

Short biography

Dr. Noreen Saher is an adjunct faculty at the Interdisciplinary Unit of Management and Organizational Behavioral, Department of Management, WU and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management Science, International Islamic University-Islamabad, Pakistan.

Dr. Saher has long standing experience in academics and community based development initiatives. She has worked for most of the donor agencies active in Pakistan, at federal and provincial levels. This experience enabled her to generate pragmatic university courses and capacity building projects.

Her capabilities combine with diverse practical experience in universities and development sector enabled her to handle conventional assignments creatively. Her interdisciplinary academic back ground has yielded ‘holistic- big picture’ perspective with ‘out of the box’ attitude to initiate revolutionary plan of “Creativity Bench” ( to harness the potential of her students through exposing them to real issues of market and empowering them to bring forth their own ideas and solutions.

Her research interests are in Cross Cultural Organizational Behavior, International Organizational Behavior, Gender and Women Issues in Management, Intercultural / Comparative Management Research, International Human Resource Management and Cross-Cultural Training.