Competence Field: IS Management and Accountability

General Infor­ma­tion

The IS Compe­tence Field "IS Manage­ment and Accoun­ta­bi­lity" is a Specia­liza­tion Program consis­ting of two courses equa­ling 5 semester hours and 10 ECTS credits for the Master Program in Infor­ma­tion Systems. All courses of the compe­tence area are "prüfungs­im­ma­nent", meaning that each course is indi­vi­dually graded based on at least three diffe­rent assess­ment criteria.

Course Over­view

The program struc­ture of the specia­liza­tion allows students to complete within two semes­ters. The recom­mended requi­re­ment is the successful comple­tion of the CBK course "IT Gover­nance and Control­ling". The first course is held in the summer term, while the second course is offered in the winter term.

Picture showing Course Overview of Master Competence Field

Course 1 ("IS Project and Risk Manage­ment") focuses on the follo­wing topics:

  • Tools and Mecha­nisms to Success­fully Manage IS Projects

  • Project Manage­ment

  • Project Risk Manage­ment

  • Risk Quan­ti­fi­ca­tion

  • Promo­ting Stake­holder Enga­ge­ment

  • Assess­ment and Learning Tech­ni­ques

  • Mana­ging Project Teams

  • Orga­niza­t­ional Issues

  • Orga­niza­t­ional Change

  • Digital Trans­for­ma­tion

Course 2 ("IS Accoun­ta­bi­lity and Perfor­mance Manage­ment") includes a major rese­arch or prac­tice assi­gn­ment, which needs to be desi­gned and completed as a profes­sional project. This project assi­gn­ment can be based on the given topics or relate to addi­tional elements suggested by the lecturer or student within the broader subject field:

  • Central Concepts and Mecha­nisms

  • Infor­ma­tion Secu­rity Manage­ment

  • Leadership and Manage­ment Accoun­ta­bi­lity

  • Stake­holder Analysis

  • External Accoun­ta­bi­lity and IS Comp­li­ance

  • IT Auditing and Justi­fi­ca­tion

  • IS Perfor­mance Manage­ment

  • IS Project Perfor­mance

  • Enter­prise IS Risk Manage­ment

  • Roles and Respon­si­bi­li­ties

  • Evalua­tion and Deci­sion Making

  • Moni­to­ring, Audit Trails and Logging