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Institute for Economic Geography and GIScience


The Institute for Economic Geography and GIScience recognizes that the economy is embedded in society and space. It trusts in inter-disciplinary research and addresses questions of uneven spatial development and socio-economic inequalities at multiple spatial scales. Uneven development is understood as the product of the unequal creation of competitive advantage through the spatially differentiated and constrained processes of innovation, technological and institutional advances, and the unequal distribution of resources, profits and income between and within places.


Information with respect to our research interests.


The institute contributes courses to a wide range of study programmes at WU.

Thesis supervision

We supervise Bachelor and Master theses

The Institute is situated in the Department of Socioeconomics with whom it shares the commitment to interdisciplinary research of a socially/ecologically/spatially embedded economy, its international outlook and active engagement with socially relevant debates.

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