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Vienna Career Panel Project (ViCaPP)

Welcome to the ViCaPP website! ViCaPP is a panel study among business school graduates, mainly from WU Vienna. It has been funded twice (original research project in 2000, follow-up in 2008) by the FWF Austrian Science Fund. This website offers information about the goals and design of the project, team members and project partners, and publications.

Panel members please enter the member area for viewing your benchmarks. In case of login problems, please contact vicapp@wu.ac.at. We appreciate your participation and support!

Video ViCaPP Video

ViCaPP Video

For 20 years, we have been following WU graduates through their careers with the ViCaPP panel study. We are also able to describe long-term changes in careers on an aggregate level because we regularly add a new graduating cohort - as we did this year. Panel members receive an annual invitation to the Community Event, with an exchange between academia and practice and an opportunity to network with experienced practitioners and your former classmates. The ViCaPP website features findings based on ViCaPP data. And on our Linkedin presence we share info and results on the latest research findings for management practice.

Your ViCaPP Team
o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer (overall project management),
Dr.in Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart (operative project management),
Dr.in Verena Bader, Felix Diefenhardt MA, Julius Lechner MSc (WU), Marco Rapp MSc MSc (WU), Dr.in Lea Reiss, PD Dr. Michael Schiffinger, Sarah Steiner MSc (WU), ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Steyrer