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SIGMA Global Virtual Courses

Course description


With the goal to promote innovation in teaching, deal with up-to-date issues and enhance the collaboration of higher education institutions around the globe, top management and business schools of the SIGMA alliance jointly designed and developed the SIGMA Global Virtual Courses. Bringing together interdisciplinary expertise and viewpoints on societal challenges of our time united in an innovative course design creates a unique learning experience with ESADE, the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Université Paris-Dauphine (UPD), University of St.Gallen (HSG), Hitotsubashi University, Singapore Management University (SMU) and Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

With the combination of a virtual module-based course with a contribution of each institution, a case-based, cross-university group assignment, and a reflective individual work assignment, students benefit from diversified learning experiences and modern teaching methods of international higher education by “Internationalization at Home”.

Closely oriented to the requirements of the global world of work, students work on a self-chosen example of sustainable or digital corporate practice, applying their knowledge acquired in the online content whereby coached by an expert teaching at one of the SIGMA partner institutions. Through this cooperation and the diversity of disciplinary backgrounds of the people involved, students of the SIGMA courses collect valuable experiences for their future work field: They acquire specific knowledge and skills to face the economic and social challenges of the future that are and will continue to be highly relevant to the economic and entrepreneurial environment and expand their digital and intercultural skills through cooperation with students from all over the world.

The SIGMA Global Virtual Courses are offered in two editions:


“Coordinating the SIGMA Global Virtual Courses from the beginning, I am delighted about students' continuing interest in taking these courses. You will gain insights into highly relevant topics and a foretaste of the virtually networked working world. Take the opportunity to work in teams with students from other universities on a challenging task and benefit from lectures of experts in different disciplines teaching at the SIGMA partner universities. On behalf of the team of the SIGMA courses, I wish you a stimulating and enriching learning experience.”

Dr. Oliver Vettori

Dr. Oliver Vettori

SIGMA Global Virtual Course Portfolio Director, Director Program Management and Teaching & Learning Vienna University of Economics and Business

The SIGMA Alliance

SIGMA Alliance

The Societal Impact & Global Management Alliance (SIGMA) was founded in 2015 by the universities formerly constituting the "Alliance of Like-Minded Universities". The global network of top universities in management and business aims to promote interdisciplinary and inter-university cooperation in education, research, and knowledge transfer.

Members of the SIGMA Alliance
Copenhagen Business School
ESADE Business School
FGV/EBAPE (Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas)
Hitotsubashi University
Renmin University of China
Singapore Management University
Université Paris Dauphine
Universität St. Gallen (HSG)
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien