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Regional Science

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The research unit on Regional Science deals with the interdependence between the economy and space, typically at the sub-national level. This involves issues of location, regional and urban development, migration, transport, trade, and real estate. In an economy based on specialization and division of labor it is essential to understand the interdependence of production processes and their need to overcome distance. The spatial distribution of economic activities attracts population, stimulates local demand, generates opportunities for new investments, drives local housing markets, etc. At the same time, this concentration of activities also leads to congestion, price increases, environmental damage and other negative consequences. The development and evaluation of policies that tackle these negative externalities are a main research interest. In this context distributional aspects are highly relevant, i.e. questions of who benefits and who suffers from regional/urban development, from land use policies, or from investments in infrastructure and buildings.

The research unit on Regional Science works in close cooperation with international partners. We are strongly involved in the Regional Science Association International, in the European Regional Science Association, the European Real Estate Society, the International Transport Economics Association and in other scholarly associations. We provide services to these associations and cooperated and cooperate in numerous international research projects. We also collaborate with partners in Europe and in the USA in NEURUS where we exchange students for doing regional science research abroad.

Our research team for Regional Science