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Within the heterogeneous sector of small and medium sized enterprises, the Institute for Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship is particularly interested in dynamic SMEs that are driven by change processes caused by entrepreneurial management.

In our fundamental research we are therefore interested in organisational dynamic capabilities, which lead to the successful handling of these dynamics. In this light, our research focuses on the connection between the entrepreneurial orientation, learning orientation und market orientation of SMEs and organisational success from the background of available resources or resources that can be made available.

Therefore, in our fundamental research we tackle broad research problems and take on the associated methodological challenges. With this, we try to avoid researching isolated, small niches. Quality criteria are connectivity to international discourse and the predictive power of the findings. Through interdisciplinary alignment and theoretical and methodological diversity, our research generates findings, which are proportionate to the complexity of the scientific object.

In the field of application-based research, the Institute for Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship is interested in open ended problems which go beyond the single case and that deal with fundamental issues. Our application-based research is carried out to high methodological standards, so that the results are relevant both for the client and for the scientific community.

For broad topics with current relevance, externally funded research institutes are set up and attached to the Institute for Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. In this way, specific research needs can be covered in the broad field of SME management, or in closely related fields.