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Lea Katharina Reiss

Dr. Lea Katharina Reiss

Dr. Lea Katharina Reiss

Short biography

Lea Katharina Reiss is a postdoctoral researcher and currently works as a research assistant at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Management and Organizational Behavior at WU Vienna and the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School. Lea completed their bachelor studies in 2016 at WU with a focus on diversity management and change management. Lea’s bachelor thesis concerned the integration of refugees in the Austrian labor market. Subsequently, Lea studied the Master Business, Language and Culture at Copenhagen Business School deepening the specialization in change and diversity management. In their master thesis, Lea explored the contextual navigation of employees’ homosexual identities in the work environment of the professional service company KPMG where Lea worked in diversity management until 2018. Since March 2019, Lea works at IVM and does research with an intersectional feminist approach on social inequalities in organizations and society. In their dissertation, Lea brought attention to how the interplay of gender and social class origin shapes biographies and class mobility. Furthermore, Lea is member of the editorial board of the Gender, Work, and Organization journal and leads its Queer Feminist Research Network. In their most recent projects, Lea investigates phenomena related to feminist organizing, queer activism, intersectional inequality, vulnerability, and collective forms of resistance in the context of work and society. Lea supervises bachelor and master theses on topics of social inequalities such as racism, sexism, classism and heterosexism in the context of work and society.


Journal article

2023 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Schiffinger, Michael, Rapp, Marco Leander, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. 2023. Intersectional income inequality: a longitudinal study of class and gender effects on careers. Read more
2023 Liehr Storm, Kai Inga, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Guenther, Elisabeth Anna, Clar-Novak, Maria, Muhr, Sara Louise. 2023. Unconscious bias in the HRM literature: Towards a critical-reflexive approach. Read more
2023 Suzanne, Pamela, Reiss, Lea Katharina. 2023. The Power of Sharing with Support: Exploring the Process and Roles Involved in Sharing Vulnerability in Solidarity. Read more
2021 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Kozhevnikov, Andrew, Muhr, Sara Louise. 2021. Between Vulnerability and Resistance: How a Woman Copes with Dramatic Implications of COVID-19 in Russia. Read more
2021 Clar, Maria, Muhr, Sara Louise, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Storm, Kai. 2021. Unconscious bias in organizations: Discriminatory forces at work. Read more

Chapter in edited volume

2023 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Eggenhofer-Rehart, Petra, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Reichel, Astrid. 2023. Against all odds: a career success story of a woman of lower-class origin in Austria In: Understanding Careers Around the Globe. Hrsg. Briscoe, Jon, Dickmann, Michael, Hall, Douglas, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Parry, Emma. Read more
2023 Reiss, Lea Katharina, Eggenhofer-Rehart, Petra, Diefenhardt, Felix. 2023. Meinen Eltern gehört die Achterbahn. Soziale Herkunft und Karriere In: Karriereachterbahn. Hrsg. Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Steyrer, Johannes. Read more
2021 Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Steinbereithner, Martin, Rapp, Marco Leander, Reiss, Lea Katharina, Zellhofer, Dominik. 2021. Religion and career success. A country-comparative study In: Reimagining Faith and Management. The Impact of Faith in the Workplace. Hrsg. Pio, E., Kilpatrick, R., Pratt, T. Read more
2021 Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Pernkopf, Katharina, Reiss, Lea Katharina. 2021. Self-initiated expatriates at different life and career stages: The meaning of families and their impact on the expatriation and repatriation experiences of self-initiated expatriates In: Self-Initiated Expatriates in Context. Recognizin Space, Time, and Context. Hrsg. Maike Andresen. Read more

Conference paper

2022 Reiss, Lea Katharina. 2022. Career Agency in Intersecting Gender-Class Structures. Read more

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