Die Stiege zum ersten Obergeschoss des D3 Gebäudes.

IfU Lounge

Three times a semester, the Institute for Strategy and Managerial Accounting offers the opportunity to students of the institute and WU to, informally, get to talk to high calibre representatives from business, culture and science as well as professors, assistants and alumni.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events at lounge, 6th floor, D5, 5:30 pm

Upcoming events this semester:

  • 06.03.2024: Alexander Valtingojer (CEO & Co-Founder Coinpanion, Altify)

  • 23.04.2024: Mag. Alexandra Winkler (Eigentümerin und Geschäftsführung Holding SACHER) und Mag. Matthias Winkler (GF operativer Gesellschaften SACHER)

  • 22.05.2024: Dr. Suleiman Naiem (Executive Director Goldman Sachs)