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4th International Conference on Quality Management and Development in the Field of Higher Education

The 4th In­ter­na­tional Con­fer­ence of the Aus­trian Net­work for Qual­ity Man­age­ment and Qual­ity Devel­op­ment in Higher Edu­ca­tion took place on 15th and 16th of Feb­ruar 2018 at WU Vi­enna.

The present­a­tions of the con­fer­ence con­tri­bu­tions are now avail­able on the homepage!

The con­fernce was or­gan­ised in co­oper­a­tion with the pro­ject „In­ternal Qual­ity Man­age­ment in Com­pet­ence-­Based Higher Edu­ca­tion: Evalu­at­ing and En­han­cing Com­pet­ences“.

The pro­ject is sup­por­ted by Er­asmus+ pro­gramme of the European Union.

The European Com­mis­sion sup­port for the pro­duc­tion of this pub­lic­a­tion does not con­sti­tute an en­dorse­ment of the con­tents which re­flects the views only of the au­thors, and the Com­mis­sion can­not be held re­spons­ible for any use which may be made of the in­form­a­tion con­tained therein.