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GRUSZKA Katarzyna, PhD

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Katarzyna GRUSZKA

Katarzyna GRUSZKA

Rese­arch Asso­ciate

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Welthandelsplatz 1/D5/level 3
1020 Vienna, Austria


Research Interest

  • Platform-mediated work; transformation of work with digital intermediaries;

  • Invisibility and platform-mediated work; platform-mediated domestic/household work 

  • Platform economies

  • Political economy, digitalization/(ICT) technologies & capitalism dynamics

  • Platform capitalism

  • The sharing/collaborative economy

  • Socio-ecological transformation

  • Economic sociology, economics discourses and pluralism in economics

Current Projects

Platform Cleaners

    Recent Publications

    Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters

    Gruszka, K., Scholz-Wäckerle, M. & Aigner, E. Planetary carambolage: The evolutionary political economy of technology, nature and work. Rev Evol Polit Econ (2020).

    Gruszka, K., and Böhm, M. (2020) Out of sight, out of mind? (In)visibility of/in platform-mediated work. New Media and Society, December 2020.

    Gruszka, K., Scharbert, A.R., and Soder, M. (2017): Leaving the mainstream behind? Uncovering subjective understandings of economics instructors’ roles. Ecological Economics 131, 485-498. DOI  

    Gruszka, K. (2017): Framing the collaborative economy - Voices of contestation. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 23, 92-104. DOI

    Gruszka, K., Rammel, C. (2016): Science-Society Interfaces - Transforming Universities. In: Engaging Stakeholders in Education for Sustainable Development at University Level. Hrsg. W. Leal Filho and L. Brandli, S. 177-189. Switzerland: Springer.

    Working papers

    Gruszka, K. and Novy, A. (2018): Sharing the liberal utopia. The case of Uber in France and the US. Multilevel Governance and Development Institute, WU Vienna: SRE-Discussion-2018/07. Available at:

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