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CAMPIGLIO Emanuele, Dr.

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Assistant Professor of Climate Economics and Finance

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Welthandelsplatz 1/D5 Level 3
1020 Vienna, Austria


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Research Interest

  • Macroeconomics of sustainability

  • Climate change economics

  • Growth theory and resource dynamics

  • Finance, credit and banking

  • Economic modelling

Current Projects

  • Mistra Financial Systems (Green Macro project leader)



  • Climate Financial Risk Survey (WWF Switzerland)


Recent Publications

  • Campiglio, E., Godin, A., Kemp-Benedict, E. and Matikainen, S. (2017) 'The tightening links between financial systems and environmental issues', in Arestis, P., and Sawyer, M., Economic policies since the Global Financial Crisis, Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 313-356

  • Bowen, A., Campiglio, E., Herreras Martinez, S. (2017) ‘An equal effort approach to assessing the North-South climate finance gap’, Climate Policy 17 (2), pp.231-245

  • Campiglio, E. (2016) ‘Beyond carbon pricing: The role of banking and monetary policies in financing the transition to a low-carbon economy’, Ecological Economics, 122, pp.220-230.

  • Tavoni, M., Kriegler, E., Riahi, K., van Vuuren, D.P., Aboumahboub, T., Bowen, A., Calvin, K., Campiglio, E., Kober, T., Jewell, J., Luderer, G., Marangoni, G., McCollum, D., van Sluisveld, M., Zimmer, A., and van der Zwaan, B. (2015) ‘Post-2020 climate agreements in the major economies assessed in the light of global models’, Nature Climate Change, 5 (2), pp.119-126

  • Campiglio, E. (2014) ‘The structural shift to green services: A two-sector growth model with public capital and open-access resources’, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 30, pp.148-161.

  • Bowen, A., Campiglio, E., and Tavoni, M. (2014), 'A macroeconomic perspective on climate change mitigation: Meeting the financing challenge', Climate Change Economics, 5 (1).

  • Bernardo, G., and Campiglio, E. (2014), 'A simple model of income, aggregate demand and the process of credit creation by private banks', Empirica, 41 (3), pp.381-405.

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