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Stefan Giljum and Stephan Lutter contributed to UN SEEA meeting

The 29th meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting, a group of experts from national statistical agencies and international organisations, took place in Pretoria, South Africa, from 11…

world resource forum 23

Stefan Giljum and Stephan Lutter presented at World Resources Forum 2023

Last week, the World Resources Forum 2023 took place in Geneva as a hybrid conference with the title “Rethinking Value - Resources for Planetary Wellbeing”. More than 500 participants discussed…

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New paper: How to fuel an energy transition with Ecologically Responsible Mining

Renewable energy solutions to achieve climate targets require mined materials such as copper, nickel, iron ore, cobalt and lithium. However, little is known about the biodiversity impacts of mining…


Neue Studie zeigt Empfehlungen für eine gesunde und nachhaltige Ernährung für Österreich

Die derzeitige österreichische Ernährungsweise hinterlässt große ökologische Fußabdrücke weltweit. Auch eine Ernährung gemäß den österreichischen Empfehlungen für eine gesunde Ernährung überschreitet…


New study by WWF and WU assesses global forest loss related to mining

The demand of the global economy for metals and minerals is steadily increasing. The expansion of mining activities has led to significant loss of forests, in particular in tropical countries. This…


Stefan Giljum is ranked #5 in Austria among Top Economics Scientists, a platform that evaluates researchers in selected disciplines, has released the 2023 Edition of the Ranking of Top Scientists in ‘Economics and Finance’. Stefan Giljum from the…


New paper on global coal and metal mine production

Researchers from the Institute for Ecological Economics have recently released a novel database on global coal and metal production on the level of individual mines. The accompanying Data Descriptor…


New PNAS paper on mining and tropical deforestation

Researchers from the Institute for Ecological Economics, together with other universities, have presented the first comprehensive study on the spread of forest loss due to intensified mining. The…

Sustainability Challenge

13. Sustainability Challenge



Armon Rezai points to the beneficiaries of high inflation in Die Presse

Armon Rezai seeks to highlight the positive aspects of high inflation in his commentary in Die Presse. Arguing that, while the high inflation rates are ubiquitous in economic policy debates, their…