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English Research Seminar 07.11.2022

"20 key lessons about business communication from 20 years at Business Spotlight" - Ian McMaster, former editor-in-chief of Business Spotlight magazine - Time & place: 2022-November-07 18:00, room…

English Research Seminar 15.06.2022

"Examining the role and importance of small talk during performance appraisal interviews at a globalized company" - Fien De Malsche, PhD student from the University of Antwerp - Time & place:…

English Research Seminar 08.06.2022

"Causes of miscommunication in meetings – a BELF perspective" - Evan Frendo, freelance teacher, trainer and author - Time & place: 2022-June-08 18:00, room D2.2.228

English Research Seminar 18.05.2022

"Pedagogical rules and the linguistic knowledge of English teachers" - Tom Rankin, University of Linz - Time & place: 2022-May-18 17:00, room D2.2.228

English Research Seminar 28.04.2022

Proposing a Model of Creative Workplace Discourse; Prof. Michael Handford (Cardiff University); Thursday 28th of April 2022, 16:00, room D2.2.228