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ABC Regional Conference at Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2021

26-28 August 2021

Advancing business communication: involvement, integration and impact

The next ABC Regional Conference explores the theme “Advancing business communication: involvement, integration and impact”. Its focus is thus threefold. It aims to address the topic of involving different perspectives, disciplines, groups of stakeholders, practitioners, and scholars in the discussion of business communication. Furthermore, it addresses approaches to integrating their different priorities, insights, models, methodologies, or theories in the study of business communication. This is done with a view to discussing the impact (or the potential for impact)that scholarly explorations have had in teaching and professional practice in the field as well as how practitioners’ work and experience has informed research.

We therefore invite contributions from scholars, teachers, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines (including but not limited to business studies, communication studies, and linguistics) to share their findings and experiences regarding the conference theme.

Further topics include:

  • Business communication in Central and Eastern Europe

  • Communicative practices in stakeholder communication (e.g. customers, employees)

  • Language identity, power and leadership

  • Languages, cultures and diversity management (e.g. LGBTQ+, migration, age)

  • Crisis communication, legitimation and reputation management

  • Discourses of sustainability and climate change

  • Public relations, advertising and brand management in digital discourse

  • Social media and information & communication technologies (ICT)

  • Research methodologies in business communication

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to business communication

  • Learning and teaching in international business education (e.g. EMI, BELF, Lingua Francas)

  • Learning and teaching business language and communication (ESP)

We invite proposals for

  • Individual presentations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion),

  • Work in progress (10 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion. This format is particularly suitable for doctoral students), and

  • Panels (90 minutes per slot. Panel proposals should include a list of potential contributors).

While papers forming part of general sessions will need to be in English, individual panels may be held in a different language. Abstracts which address the conference theme will be particularly welcome.

DEADLINE for submitting ABSTRACTS: 26 February 2021