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Peter O. Müller, Inge­borg Ohnheiser, Susan Olsen & Franz Rainer. (Eds.) 2015-2016. Word-­For­ma­tion. An Inter­na­tional Hand­book of the Languages of Europe. 5 Vol. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter Mouton.

This hand­book comprises an in-depth presen­ta­tion of the state of the art in word-­for­ma­tion. The five volumes contain 207 arti­cles written by leading inter­na­tional scho­lars. The XVI chap­ters of the hand­book provide the reader, in both general arti­cles and indi­vi­dual studies, with a wide variety of perspec­tives: word-­for­ma­tion as a lingu­istic disci­pline (history of science, theo­re­tical concepts), units and processes in word-­for­ma­tion, rules and restric­tions, seman­tics and prag­ma­tics, foreign word-­for­ma­tion, language plan­ning and purism, histo­rical word-­for­ma­tion, word-­for­ma­tion in language acqui­si­tion and aphasia, word-­for­ma­tion and language use, tools in word-­for­ma­tion rese­arch. The final chapter comprises 74 portraits of word-­for­ma­tion in the indi­vi­dual languages of Europe and offers an inno­va­tive perspec­tive. These portraits afford the first over­view of this kind and will prove useful for future typo­lo­gical rese­arch. This hand­book will provide an essen­tial refe­rence for both advanced students and rese­ar­chers in word-­for­ma­tion and related fields within lingu­is­tics.


Gerlinde Mautner & Franz Rainer. (Eds.) Chris­to­pher Ross (Language editing) 2017. Hand­book of Busi­ness Commu­ni­ca­tion: Lingu­istic Approa­ches. De Gruyter Mouton (Hand­books of Applied Lingu­is­tics [HAL]).

In spite of the day-­to-day rele­vance of busi­ness commu­ni­ca­tion, it remains under­re­pre­sented in stan­dard hand­books and text­books on applied lingu­is­tics. The present volume intro­duces readers to a wide variety of lingu­istic studies of busi­ness commu­ni­ca­tion, ranging from tradi­tional LSP approa­ches to contem­porary discour­se-­based work, and from the micro-­level of lexical choice to macro-­level ques­tions of language policy and culture.

Grund­la­gen- und Grund­sat­z-­Werke

Postmoderne Semiotik und Linguistik. Möglichkeiten, Anwendungen, Perspektiven

Stegu, Martin: 1998. Post­mo­derne Semiotik und Lingu­istik. Mögl­ich­keiten, Anwen­dungen, Perspek­tiven. Frank­furt/Main / etc.: Lang

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Spanische Wortbildungslehre

Rainer, Franz: 1993. Spani­sche Wort­bil­dungs­lehre. Tübingen: Niemeyer

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