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Collective action and collaborative governance in crisis situations

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This project is conducted under the lead of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia (project leader: Markus Höllerer).

This project tackles the challenges that coordinated collective action faces in situations of complex crisis. It will generate novel scholarly knowledge that addresses the question of how a heterogeneous collective of actors that transcends organizational and institutional boundaries can establish, sustain, restore, and organize the capacity to act and make appropriate decisions in crisis situations. The Australian bushfires of 2020 constitute our primary empirical case. We aim at developing an improved theoretical understanding of multi-actor collaborative governance in crisis situations by identifying obstacles and governance gaps that need to be overcome in order to improve response strategies to crisis situations of various kind.

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Team: Renate Meyer, Markus Höllerer, Martin Kornberger, Dennis Jancsary

Partners: Paul Spee (The University of Queensland, Australia), Graham Dwyer (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia)

Funding: This project is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC): DP210103780